Dancing connects people and offers beautiful moments of encounters….

But often there are situations or problems in daily life, which have to be solved….people who need help and assistance….projects which can only be carried out with support.

We live in a dual world, but we can pursue the goal of doing something together. And here exactly we want to start and would like to offer our passion and the vitality of many dancers for a world, where there is a harmony with nature and a solidarity between all people!

Our wish is to foster the beauty of life, to spread smiles and to celebrate dancing, which overcomes all barriers of faith, politics or differences in professions.

‘Money is not everything, but it makes all a bit easier’, that is why we not only want to organize and carry out projects, but also raise donations to be able to help in situations which make life for those who need it more beautiful with a smile and a financial support.

In the past years many projects regarding helping people were done. Now we would like to go further and create a movement which offers all dancers the possibilities to help in different ways and to spread the joy of dancing into the wide world!

We look forward to your engagement and are open as well as thankful for further suggestions!

A big THANK YOU to all who support this idea!