The Swinging Wheels Showgroup was created in 2014 from a lively group of enthusiastic ballroom dancers with and without wheels.

Since then they kept on inspiring their audience through their group dynamics and love to music and the movement to various rhythms. The group is led with love by dancing teacher Karin Preininger-Glaser and wheelchair assistant Leo Fischer. From summer term 2020 onwards, the young dance couple Miriam Strasser and Markus Faymann will join the trainer team with full support. A big THANK YOU to Andrea Fischer and her Club Equicane for ther great fiancial aid for our show dancers every year, ever since! 

You can book the Swinging Wheels Showgroup for dance shows on many kinds of occasions. So far, they have been performing at Polonaises or midnight shows, Tag der Barrierefreiheit, health fairs and congresses, birthday surprises, flash mobs and much more...

Basic Dance Classes for beginners are offered at dance school Conny & Dado tool! We are looking forward to motivated new blood on the dance floor!

More information about the Swinging Wheels Dance Classes


The Show Team


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Team 2020_01.jpg

 Andrea & Leo Fischer                            Gabriele & Natalie Dengg                       Ana Razboršek & Christine Bandel         Margot & Sylvie Stani


 Team 2020_02.jpg

 Sabrina & Magret Wonisch                     Virginie Krainz & Isabella Feuchter        Nadine Herk & Melanie Pint (Nachwuchs)   Christine & Wolfgang Bandel (flexibler Springer)


The Teacher & Trainer Team


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